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Brian's Brief Biography...

I have started my biog from the present, it covers twenty or so years.

At the end of the day, I have travelled the world, worked in some magnificent houses and been very lucky with my clients.

In March 1991, I left my client Mercury Asset. It was not a happy departure.

Starting as a freelance was not as bad as I thought.

After a couple of weeks, the phone started to ring and I began to work on a regular basis for a good cross-section of clients.

Over the last 20 years I have worked for our Royal Family together with foreign dignitaries and heads of state in England and worldwide.

Often I have reflected that I have worked for pop stars and princesses.

As a butler valet, I looked after the day to day operation of the household this was to include everything pertaining to the smooth running of my principles lives.

Six years ago, I was lucky to be asked to appear as the butler in the T.V. show Ladette to Lady. It was fun and since then, I have appeared on a number of T.V shows and radio programmes.

During a quiet period, I attended The Essex University short course in Radio, and have worked on local radio.

Brian -  The Early Years

I came into the world on the 26th March 1946, the only son of Pat and Fred Levett.

My arrival according to my mother was on a miserable cold day at 10 in the morning.

Born in 1946 that made me a war baby.

Dad had been abroad with the army for 6years. On his return he went back to being a butcher, a job he did for the next 44 years.

As with most couples, being married with a young family was a struggle, so Mum worked in the office at a dairy and kept house for us both.

At 5 years of age off I went to primary school then juniors and secondary school. I was not a very clever pupil, I can remember Mum saying to Dad maybe he is going to be a late starter... I was late alright... about 15 years !

My thanks to Messrs Coupland, Stallworthy, Holt, Sipple, and my good friend Steve Randolph, without whom I would never have got this far.

The Ultimate Boy Scout